Haj Subsidy Scrapped, Twitter Says, “Wonderful News”


Haj Subsidy Scrapped, Twitter Says, 'Wonderful News'

In Haj subsidy, the government use to give discounts on Air India flight tickets to Haj pilgrims.

New Delhi:  In a big move by the government, Haj subsidy for thousands of Muslims who go on Haj pilgrimage each year was today scrapped. This means that the Haj pilgrims will no longer get benefits like discounts on Air India flight tickets, assistance to reach specially designed Haj departure airport terminals and help with meals, medical care and lodging will also be no longer available for them. “We believe in empowerment without appeasement,” Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said. He added that development with dignity is what we believe in. The subsidy will be used for educating girls.Reactions poured on microblogging site Twitter and a majority of users supported the government’s decision. Some termed it as ’emergence of new India’, some said that it was “much needed move in secular India’. Here are some reactions:

“No more place for appeasement politics in “New India”. Scrapping of Haj Subsidy is need of an hour. Great decision by Modi Government. Let’s bring equality for all Indians,” a user posted.

User said it’s a step towards women empowerment and tweeted, “Government ends Haj subsidy. The subsidy amount will now be used for educating Muslim girls. Great step towards women empowerment.”

“#HajSubsidyEnds a visionary decision. 700 CR if used on Muslim girls education will definitely change the future of India. Because educated girls will ensure an educated future generation,” another user wrote.

Some want more strong steps by the government. “Not only #Hajsubsidy but all grants/subsidies/benefits given on Caste/Religion basis should be stopped,” a user tweeted.

Some Twitter users said that there should not be any religious subsidy. “Subsidy in any forms for any religious purpose. Be it #Hindu #Muslim #Christian #Jain #Budhism all should be same #NoReligiousSubsidy #Hajsubsidyends #Hajj #Hajsubsidyends,” said a tweet.

“As per Islamic law one should do Haj out of his own earnings, getting subsidy is against Islamic law. Good move by Centre,” a Twitter user wrote.

“One Nation, One Law,” wrote a user and thanked the Narendra Modi government for this decision.